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I promised that I would write Newton and I kept my promise.

A few days ago I finished my work, small, but significant, at least for me (The Scientist of the Temple. Melchizedek Editions). And right after I received from my Publisher -impegno promise of a publication. I'm happy, given the times. Also because I believe that with Newton has ended my excursus "scientific" really complicated.

It was not easy to understand how it is the unveiling, but the work that some of you know, dedicated to the Code Descartes (Technical Coding Code Descartes -tratto by: Ergo Sum Melchizedek Editions), Proved to be a trailblazer, hard, but crucial, when I worked in the English genius.

Why I became interested in him?

To demonstrate how the birth of Science is indebted, for the most part, to a knowledge that define only esoteric at this point is ridiculous. E & nbsp; Newton is the most sensational case in this regard. He is the author of the first book of Classical Physics (The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy or the Principia) of human history & nbsp; He always represented the immaculate image of the scientist before its time, cold, detached, serious, incapable of any hypothesis, that was not supported by an experimentalism repeatable, documented and shared. In practice for the history of Science He is: Science.
But, and here comes the best, its image, in 1936, was sadly and finally cracked one of the many sales of the auction house Sotheby's, during which the tormented personal documents (a small part of the truth), were finally purchased by Lord Keynes (the famous economist) and dall'arabista jew AS Yahuda. Since that time, the official, and dozens of biographers worldwide, did everything to understand .......
Simply because, Isaac Newton, had penned five million and seven hundred thousand words of which, one million seven hundred thousand, dedicating to science, a million to the study of Revelation, the Prophecies of Daniel, at the Temple of King Solomon, the Prisca Sapientia and history of the Gentiles , not neglecting the Jewish, and three million ... .all'Alchimia.
We wondered why the scientist in short perfect, had dedicated to science, do not say spare time ...... .but almost. It then passed, in a few decades, thanks to some biographies lit, like that of the American Betty Dobbs, to think about the alleged role played by the same mathematical Alchemy in the conclusions of Our. Finally the question that the official is put through a project known as telematics "The Newton Project", Born in 1998 and still operating, was and is:
"Assuming that Newton has used his esoteric interests to do science, like, all these areas of knowledge could have been melting, to obtain a scientific work as the Principia?"
The undersigned has taken this question and gave his answer.
Which one?
You read, keeping in mind that what follows is and will be only a small preview, and then ... .ne'll talk.
Temple of King Solomon -Planimetria designed by Isaac Newton
To respond fully to the "How", Not only by the officer shouted, need to know "Who" was Newton, especially "Such as" were his fundamental knowledge. Fundamental addivenuti increasingly clear through the study of his personal papers.
We start from his relationship with: Divine.
Isaac was a Puritan convinced, that at some point in his life he chose, secretly, & nbsp; Arianism & nbsp; becoming & nbsp; in a kind of religious fundamentalist. He hated the Holy Roman Church, contested the Trinity and the Homoousion, tolerated the Anglican church and regarded the Bible as the only text in which it was possible to read the word of God. Also considered the same, sacred, & nbsp; in the true sense of the word. It was then, the Divine Providence, The ways in which God driving his flocks. In this context, was the Apocalypse & nbsp; a divine event that would have overwhelmed both the history of the earth that the human, in order to redeem them both. Event, according to him, decipherable through the Prophecies of Daniel and Ezekiel. He believed the Exegesis, lawThat despite the latest and acclaimed discoveries of Philosophy, so his time was called the nascent Physics, was respected since the mode through which the Divine Book, it transformed itself into Creation.
Created that was intended, in turn, as a book to read through the laws of Nature. They were all the religions of his day, now been corrupted by man. According to him, also, just the Jewish religious world, could still boast a minimum of sacredness. Sacredness connected with religion, ancient, (The Religion Prisca) which identified the Heavens and its laws, with God. Ancients who saw Heaven as a temple, seat of the Lord, called Prytaneum. Prytaneum evolved in Jewish history, in Temple of King Solomon. Temple to which Isaac dedicated decades of study to reach its graphic reconstruction, today hosted by the NPT
In conclusion, given these fundamental, Newton, ever, would have put God out of his sphere of personal action, cognitive and especially ............ .. Scientific
THE knowledge of the ancients
Our was convinced and it was until the end of his days, that there was a golden age for humanity, not only on a spiritual level, as above, but especially at the level of knowledge. Sought, read, and studied during his life of each type of writing can describe the Prisca Sapientia (Prime Knowing), who had to have the formula of all divine laws. He was so convinced of what to say, and he did all his life, that the ancients knew the Law of Gravity.
At his death, Isaac possessed the collection of alchemical texts, wider and comprehensive rare ever assembled. Inside stood out also numerous texts concerning Rosicrucians and the world Pythagorean. It is said, how often to take the post at Cambridge, at the tavern Rose, then dropped in a London neighborhood known for its sophisticated libraries. Customer affectionate of a certain William Cooper, owner of the resale of rare books most popular in London, where he stood, as it happens, the sign of a pelican, was able to be introduced in the environments alchemical Londoners. As was his habit led a long apprenticeship theoretical, before approaching the Arte Sacra and only after reading, transcribed and learned everything that had managed to reach bibliographically, taken, physically, his journey & nbsp; initiation.
For Him Alchemy was a means by which simulate the creative act, Act directly connected to the spiritual level reached by the investigator. It was also convinced of how each element of alchemy was attributable to the One element initial base from which everything was born. Element due to the Philosopher's Stone, understood as unique primeval matter, cleansed of any impurities. Also shared the belief that, all processes "alchemical" were directed by the direct intervention of a Divine Principle or Plant able attract or reject, According to the case, the elements, intended, through the rot, to coalesce into new forms decontaminated from any material defect. He was also convinced that the Light was the activator of each event and that the same alchemical retained inside the principle activating divine.
The Pelican -Symbol Rosicrucians
Philosophy / Physics
In science, the Hermit of Cambridge, had placed, since its early years at university, at the center of his interests, two main questions.
First: what is done Matter. Second: What is Moto
Questions that philosophy then made it hard to give an answer. Questions that motivated his secret alchemical application. In two years now famous for its creativity (1665/6) achieved incredible results, but not definitive, scientific, dealing with light, Infinitesimal Calculus and Gravity. These were his fundamental if we are its strengths, while what follows was part of its shortcomings.
It was: Grumpy Envious & nbsp; Misogynist crabby Irritable & nbsp; ............. when thought was right ............ often be for the truth.
But above the melting of its strengths and weaknesses made him a ...... .uomo.
A man so brilliant to be able to develop a kind of theory of everything, Alchemical-Celeste, where the human history to that to that Celestial Terrestrial, all, shared the divine operation, which was defined from time to time, Divine, Spirit Divine or .......Gravity.
In 1685, in fact, informed by Edmund Halley of the shared will, by his great friend, the architect Christofer Wren and his great enemy Robert Hook, to address and resolve the issue of gravity, applied to the heavenly bodies, for which some time we assumed a force inversely proportional to the square of the & nbsp; distance of the bodies in question, coming out of a self-imposed isolation, delivering his debut in the hands of the same Halley, a treaty that will soon would be read at the RS
The "De Motu Corporum in Girum" was basically the background of what our would collect in the Principia. & Nbsp; In it, the grandeur of thought Newtonian already appeared in all its facets, especially the challenge to the encoding of Gravitational force appeared, not only educated, but already won. After decades of substantial isolation, Newton, inspired by yet another "discussion" had with Hook, on how to drop a "Gravio" (weight) from a tower, in the absence of air, expressing an incorrect assessment of the direction followed by the same , however, caught the essence. Factor that placed in elliptical, The trajectory & nbsp; followed by a falling weight, referred to the Earth's gravity.
Form respected by celestial orbits.
His mind and his alchemical beliefs, until that time held in check by the law of the Cartesian Vortices, who saw in the Ether tool through which each celestial body was transported and kept at a safe distance from the Sun, had a start. A gasp followed by a series of experiments, very precise and fussy, as was his custom, which through the careful evaluation of the movement of the pendulum, in the absence of air, and in the alleged presence of ether, settled as effectively Space , was not a place where the ether was present, but rather, an absolutely empty and devoid of any proof.
Seizing the gap opened by the same experimentalism, immediately was able to hypothesize a celestial centripetal force, which was coincident with the force of Earth's gravity and at that point, to compare the force in question with a real Divine, similar to that Standard plant at the base of the phenomena of alchemy.
For relapse, the seven celestial bodies were the main couple with the seven alchemical elements and while the Sun could be identified with the 'Eighth heavenly element, the same thing happened for the Magnesia, eighth alchemical element, (famous for & nbsp; its attractiveness). The light, however, was going to be for both worlds, now one in the mind of the English genius, the activator of both. Light that knew, thanks to his studies, be divided into 7 colors with specific features, able to blend into the white light, the 'Eighth color, as it appeared to us. Conceptually everything happened two years before, at least, the publication of the Principia.
At that point the two worlds, (Science and Alchemy), were ready to be merged with the essence & nbsp; religious Pritaneo, which saw every Temple as a place built around a center consists of a sacred flame. Flame that attracted circulating around him his faithful, as a mini solar system. And since there was, as above, only a Temple worthy of the sacredness to Newton, that of Solomon, given his absolute conviction regarding the knowledge of the ancients, he left nothing untried, even learning Hebrew, to reach, as mentioned, a floor plan of the same, as much as possible to the appropriate Biblical information.
Useful information, according to his conviction, to find evidence ... scientific.
The worlds united by Newton, thanks to the Temple, then became three.
This is one of the steps that more than others interested in all those who want to understand the & nbsp; "How" of Newton. Well it is fair to say that in the Principia Master merged into a unique discoveries Galilean and Cartesian, arriving to postulate how the laws orbital Keplerian, the third to be exact, were possible as motivated by a force, as mentioned, centripetal or Gravitational , shared by all the celestial systems. Not only that, always such a force, Newton established, through a long series of demonstrations mathematical-geometrical, placed in the First Book of the Principia, was, as assumed: Inversely proportional to the square (2) of the distances. All this using minimally calculus, terrible weapon if used by him, in case it was necessary to compute areas elliptical, as are those covered by the planets. Wanting to summarize his work, it basically rested on two types of numerical information.
First, Keplerian, extrapolated by the words that follow:
So numerically the law, as was the Master's hand, could be summarized through a numeric range precise, the following:
The second, Newtonian, as above, & nbsp; summarized by the number 2
Now as he was, and is, the law to cause Gravitational Third Law Keplerian. synthesis numerical obtainable, in my opinion, is the following:
2-2 / 3
Now I am speaking, given this information. And I wish that from this moment you started you also to intervene. Would be useful to observe the plan of the Temple by him elaborate. I think there escapes as the predominant form is the SQUARE. If that place is a compendium of divine forces, I think it would be "normal" to imagine the same identify with the Square or not? Especially with that central squareWhere the sacred flame was burning and where you ate liturgically every Jewish religious event.
E 'so that small space capable of attract all the faithful around him.
I would say that: his "FORCE" is inversely proportional to its size & nbsp; that, as above, is SQUARE.
And this is perhaps not the conceptual foundation of the Gravitational Law?
Now I would like to take care, that I know, the "doors" of the entry of the Temple, indicated with letters from Newton (S: H: HM; L; N) are not maybe 3? And there are repeated 2 times?
And these two simple steps, we would not have perhaps already available numbers based Principia and related scientific confirmation?
And you want a numerologist like Newton, he was convinced that what he was looking at was the the book of the laws of natureAfter decades devoted to the same study, had not caught a similar analogy?
So do you think that kind of decision could and should take, before writing:
One for which, given its fundamental religious studies and its not "formal", the & nbsp; His magnum opus, secretly, was the most suitable place to host, identifying, ... .. the Temple.
So all his worlds cognitive official or otherwise, they would join and fused in the name of God,
And he did this
Again, as has happened a year ago for the Discourse on Method Descartes, I wish, now, will you put comfortable, sitting in your favorite chair, in the company of a sharp pencil. Quick to point numbers and words numerical, With a single purpose: to understand what allowed him to merge all his knowledge.
Then I would start by some of his alchemical extracts:

to which I would add a few passages from the Book of Kings,
2) The temple built by King Solomon for the Lord had sixty (20x30) cubits long, twenty (20) & nbsp; wide, thirty (30) cubits height etc. etc.
20) The shrine was long twenty (20) cubits wide twenty (20) cubits high and twenty cubits (20) .. I overlaid it with pure gold, and there he built an altar of cedar ......
41) the two (2) columns, the globes of the capitals on top of the columns, the two (2) gratings to cover the two (2) bowls of the capitals on top of the columns
20) Then he measured the length and width of the gate facing north, and leads to the outer courtyard.
21) Its rooms, three (3) on one side and three (3) other (Ezekiel)

on its way to the way described & nbsp; there "Quantity of Matter" 8 in the initial definitions of the Principia,
Air density double, in a double space becomes quadruple; in a triple, sextuple (2 x 2/3)
substantially the same as used to describe the Momentum,
The total movement is the sum of the movements of the individual parts; therefore, in a double-body (2), with equal speed, the amount of motion is double (2); with double speed is four (4). (From which we deduced that in the presence of momentum triple the speed had to be sextuple, for which: 2x 2/3)
in the Second Law of Motion,
Given that some force generate any movement, a force double (2), will produce a double (2), and a triple (3), one triple (3), whether it is imprinted suddenly and at one time, Its gradually at a later time. Etc etc.
which can be associated,
It transports the body A & nbsp; up to any point R of the arc EAF, then (taking away the body B) you let go; after an oscillation will return to the point V. RV is the delay due to the air resistance. ST is the fourth part, located in the middle, RV, in such a way, that RS and Tv is the system is equal, and that RS is in ST as 3 is 2, and cc etc.
For & nbsp; which should be added a mine extracts like that here for the sake of synthesis can not find space. And when you're done to emphasize my few steps, I hope you would like to continue going straight to the source of everything, is traceable through the NPT, that the Book of Kings or The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, all downloadable from the Internet.
So what has long fine biographers and scholars do not see, is basically a small group of numbers that, regardless of the field of knowledge of their application, for millennia represent GOD ......... .for a millennial know.
A God identified with a legendary interval (2/3) where everything was, and is, obtainable, even a temple.
Now as a last suggestion I would like to point out the work in question was divided. It included as above: 8 Definitions 3 Laws of Motion in which they had to add the three books that were going to certify the initial postulates. Well Isaac knew, being among other Lucasian Professor, that 8 can be represented algebraically as: two at third (2/3). So the division of his work, could be understood as follows 2/3 Definitions 3 laws, 3 books.
And at this point, to really understand who he really was Isaac Newton, I think a look at the leaves of the symbol of the Rose Cross should be given.
Use the tip of the pencil to count
After perhaps, if you continue to count, you could find at that symbol, all elements at the base of the building of the Temple, the same with which, millennia ago, someone carved a list, famous for its ...... .8 Re. List who happens today is housed in a famous London museum, the result of farsighted donation of a certain Elias Ashmole, that very, very much had in common with the Prayer. But that's another story.
Or not.
Proclaimed Michele L'Aquila 08/11/2013

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