The mystery of the Rosicrucians. And the red rose

Rosacroce1. Foreword
We often talked about in this blog of the crimes of the Red Rose. Since the crimes of the monster of Florence, to go from Pantani, Fois, Cogne, Grass, Garlasco, Meredith. We see then cos & rsquo; is and how this organization.
Before understanding what it is today, and how it acts in politics and finance, we must start by Rosicrucians, then speak specifically of the Red Rose and learn to recognize it in daily politics, but also in the chronicle.
It & rsquo; necessary to understand some of the issues, read also our article & ldquo; The Treaty of Lisbon and its historical antecedents and cultural. A brief history of Freemasonry from 1300 to now & rdquo ;.

It & rsquo; should also read the articles & ldquo; L & rsquo; murder Masonic part 1 & rdquo; and Part 2 on the crime and Fois Pantani to not repeat the same concepts. This article, therefore, requires knowledge of the other.
We will not be short, because we will attempt to summarize the main points of what is a & rsquo; organization that holds the strings of power for centuries, and which is at the same time one of the greatest mysteries of & rsquo; humanity, the Rosicrucians.

2. The Rosicrucians
The Rosicrucians, with this name and as an autonomous organization, coming on the world stage in 1614. Before then, no one had ever heard of or had never suspected their existence.
In that & rsquo; year, in Kassel, Germany, were published the first Rosicrucian manifestos: the Fama Fraternitas, and & ldquo; general and universal reform of the whole world & rdquo ;.
L & rsquo; organization, that is, out in the open for the first time in a unique way and intended to produce a strong debate that will last in the subsequent centuries and that still is not completely dormant.
In these posters, in essence, they announce to the world their existence.
They claim to have been founded by Christian Rosenkreutz, who was born in Germany in 1378 and died at 106 years old, in 1484; claim to have the gift of & rsquo; invisibility and could speak all languages. Invite those who want to join their fraternity to express their intention, but state that those who want to become of them does not have to look for them; they will find the new adept, if they consider worthy.
They have a plan for universal reform, political, religious and artistic whose goal is the improvement of the whole world.
In the Rosicrucian manifesto appear some of their basic rules:
- Treating the sick without compensation
- Adapting to the customs and manner of dress of the country in which they are
- Adopt the initials RC for the associations they merge (or CR. The course will take the Red Rose RR).

Their symbol is a red rose, set on a cross d & rsquo; gold. Beneath the Cross appears that a pelican feeds its young.
Their wisdom refers to the Christian tradition but also to the Cabala, all & rsquo; alchemy, the Tarot and the Eastern Hindu and Buddhist doctrines.
If for some this may seem a jumble inconclusive, probably right who say that the knowledge and wisdom of the Rosicrucians are difficult to beat. Not only because it & ndash; not by chance & ndash; Rosicrucians were the most influential people and geniuses of all time (by Dante, Paracelsus, Leonardo, Comenius, Galileo, Bacon, Shakespeare, Leibniz, Descartes, etc ...), but because, by reading the writings Rosicrucians, you often l & rsquo; idea that they really have a degree of knowledge higher than average. It & rsquo; Just read a novel of & rsquo; 800, & ldquo; & rdquo ;, Zanoni written by Edward Bulwer Lytton, probably a Rosicrucian. A simply wonderful novel which recognizes, beyond the part of imagination, knowledge and knowledge superior to that of many scientists today, and there are satisfactory answers to many of the most basic questions about life and death, questions that tutt & rsquo; now our science continues to set itself without giving any convincing answer.

These posters followed an intense debate in the following years, throughout Europe, which saw opposing those who claimed that the Rosicrucians did not exist, and those who supported it l & rsquo; existence.
Umberto Eco, writing a preface to a recent book & ldquo; History of the Rosicrucians & rdquo; Paul Arnold, says that the Rosicrucians do not know if they actually exist or whether they are truly a legend. Also because the Rosicrucians do not ever occur to & rsquo; outside; a true Rosicrucian would never say that is a Rosicrucian. And if someone said that is a Rosicrucian, would mean that it is not a Rosicrucian.
One would ask why one Eco with its culture is uncomfortable to do the foreword to a book about a & rsquo; organization of fantasy, and because it also speaks in his books. Maybe so hard to study and understand a & rsquo; nonexistent organization seems counterintuitive, especially for an educated person like Eco.

The truth is that the Rosicrucians exist, and when one knows a bit & rsquo; the symbols and the history of this association, recognizes them immediately, especially because some Rosicrucian leave behind traces of any kind (Umberto Eco also arrives to be photographed with a red rose in his hand in the book & ldquo; 100 books have to senz & rsquo; Another read before you die & rdquo ;; and on other occasions this rose has always in his hands).

L & rsquo; existence of the Rosicrucians is attested by an extensive literature on the subject, by their symbols appearing anywhere in the Masonic lodges and in the tradition of Freemasonry in general (the eighteenth degree of the Scottish Rite takes in fact the name of & ldquo; Knight Rosicrucians of Heredom & rdquo;) .

Currently, there are dozens of organizations that claim to refer to the Rosicrucians, the AMORC, the Rosicrucian society in Anglia, the Golden Dawn and others that now is not worth mentioning.

As an association and secret esoteric Rosicrucian born probably around 1200. Some people trace to Count Raymond IV of Toulouse.

One of the spiritual fathers of the Rosicrucians is Dante; he belonged to the Faithful D & rsquo; love, a secret group that challenged hard l & rsquo; work of the papacy and the Church & Outdoors; age, but obviously did not do it in a way too open, because at that & rsquo; time to go against the Church was tantamount to die (most much like today's deal of the Red Rose & hellip; when you say the rule of retaliation).
There is an intense bond between Rosicrucians and Templars. Hard to say if they are two totally different organizations who then cast their knowledge in the following centuries, or common elements already existed in 1200.
However, it is certain that Dante, when Jacques de Molay was burned at the stake, was in Paris and was probably hit by that & rsquo; event which then poured in his Divine Comedy.
And equally certain is that knowledge Templar and Rosicrucian have many points of contact.
As we said in & rsquo; article & ldquo; The Treaty of Lisbon and its historical antecedents and cultural; brief history of Freemasonry from its origins to the present day & rdquo; were the Rosicrucians and the Templars to found Freemasonry official in 1717, in order to create a & rsquo; complex organization, branched out into the world, of which Freemasonry is the basis, while the Rosicrucians constitute the vertices.

Not only are the Rosicrucians, but the same Fama Fraternitas, stating that initiates the RC have the gift of & rsquo; invisibility and speak all languages, in metaphor was telling the truth.
The Rosicrucians really have these gifts.
They speak all languages ​​because they communicate by means of the mass media, books, hit songs, conveying messages of various types. And communicate through symbols, then a universal language and recognizable by all. If Haider is killed, for example, there & rsquo; you need to formally stop the investigation; recognizing the symbols Rosicrucian in the name of the street where Haider is dead (Rosenthalerstrasse) as well as other details, the matrix of the crime is transposed from American, German, Spanish or Italian, and anyone belonging to the & rsquo; organization knows what to do even if he is said explicitly: the minutes will disappear, the investigation will be polluted, the judges who possibly will be invested in the story of the case will read a normal accident. A Rosicrucian does not need words to recognize the Rosicrucian symbols in the crimes of the Monster of Florence.
They are truly invisible, in the sense that there are no lists, meeting places periodicals, etc & hellip; As for the Red Rose in particular, the temples are located a bit & rsquo; throughout the world (49 according to Carlizzi) some of which are used for theoretical studies, others for & ldquo; practical & rdquo; and the esoteric rites; but beyond this are not made official meetings and periodic. A Mason who wants to enter the official organizations such as the & rsquo; Amorc, may do so; but in the Red Rose can not enter if not approached because of his initiative is not possible.
So officially the Rosicrucians do not exist. Existing ones are officially considered little more than a handful of eccentric devoted all & rsquo; alchemy. Other groups are true Rosicrucians, ie people devoted to the improvement of themselves and all & rsquo; help of others. But anyone who was a true Rosicrucian, one of those who are in power today, could never admit that the Rosicrucians exist as an organized movement and globalist.
In fact they are the & rsquo; organization more vast and complex that there is, above and more powerful of the various masonries official.

He's right Jonh Michael Greer, who in his dictionary of the voice Rosicrucian mysteries writes that in the history of Western secret societies there & rsquo; is subject to greater confusion, misinformation and inaccuracy as the problem of the Rosicrucians. D & rsquo; indeed the true Rosicrucians do not leave evidence of their existence. Therefore you can only find clues, scattered in the history, symbolism, in the media, etc.
Furthermore, it matters little that a group that says Rosicrucian is not really the successor to the original Rosicrucians; what counts is the current reality, which is that there are dozens of organizations that are inspired by the Rosicrucians and the group of criminals who now governs the world belongs to a & rsquo; organization that says Rosicrucian.
To draw a parallel & hellip; I belong to a & rsquo; Buddhist association called Soka Gakkai and, of course, is believed to be the true bearer of the ideas of the Buddha and proclaims the & ldquo; true Buddhism & rdquo ;. Being born in 1200, and deriving its theoretical foundations from the Lotus Sutra, that is, from a text that was compiled centuries after the birth of the Buddha, it is likely that his detractors are right when they say that it is not adhering to the original Buddhism . Yet no one would deny that the SGI is a Buddhist association and I certainly do not tell me I can not Buddhist.
Similarly, all the subtle disquisitions between Rosicrucians original and not (Umberto Eco goes so far as to outline a difference between a subject & ldquo; Rosicrucian & rdquo; and one & ldquo; Rosicrucian & rdquo; in a pathetic attempt to confuse the unwary reader that faced with such chaos can only give up to understand), are exclusively designed to sidetrack discussions and research on pollution Rosicrucians in power today.
In fact, we do not care whether or not the red rose is the true descendant of the Rosicrucians. Probably not. Probably not because the early Rosicrucians, those of Dante to be clear, they were really Faithful D & rsquo; love, in name and in fact, and pointed to the spiritual renewal and propagation of the Christian message purged from the cruelties of the Church then, like today , had completely denied the message of Christ.

In any case, what we want instead is to recognize the symbolism, how to speak, to act, to understand to what extent the current power, political and financial, is actually a criminal power.
The rest, the subtle disquisitions of Order of the Red Rose rectified and unrectified between Rosicrucians and Rosicruce, we leave the monologues of self-Eco and documentatissime research Introvigne; because, once established, for example, that much of the current left and men now in power are the Rosicrucians, or at least know its symbolism, it follows that they can not recognize the Rosicrucian symbolism underlying the most heinous crimes in history Italian and world. And the silence is complicity.
And this silence we do not want to be complicit.

3. The Red Rose, or Golden Dawn.
Just to understand what kind of confusion and misinformation c & rsquo; is about Rosicrucian suffice to say that if by Massimo Introvigne the Red Rose is little more than a small group of a few dozen sympathetic wags around the world (in the heyday of this organization had no more than 500 members, according to the & rsquo; distinguished scholar), Michael Greer it is & ldquo; the most influential of the magical secret societies of modern times & rdquo ;.
In addition, the Golden Dawn is presented as something different from the Rosicrucians, while this is not only false, but deliberately depistante.

The Red Rose was born in London in 1887 and the end of the nineties it had temples in Paris and in many American cities.
L & rsquo; organization was founded by three Freemasons English: Willyam Wyn Westcott (who was a member of the Rosicrucian Society in Anglia), Samuel Liddell Mathers and William Robert Woodman.
They founded the Golden Dawn (or Alba d & rsquo; gold, or Hermetic Order of & rsquo; Golden Dawn). It comprises three tiers.
1) L & rsquo; external order, simply called Golden Dawn;
2) l & rsquo; Order of the Red Rose and the Cross d & rsquo; Gold, which is the second organizational level, the one in which they practice magic and is initiated into the most complex mysteries;
3) l & rsquo; internal order, including the three higher grades reserved for so-called invisible leaders, teachers or strangers, that is, the members of which no one ever will know l & rsquo; identity and that they are above everyone else.

From this order will arise other. In 1903 Arthur Edward Waite founded & rsquo; Order of the Rose and the Red Cross d & rsquo; Oro independent and ground, which according to Gabriella Carlizzi is that they adhere to the politicians and the characters more powerful today.
In the same year was also founded the Morning Star or Morning Star, by Florence Farr and then we have l & rsquo; Astro Argentinum Crowley who, though independent, still had many points of contact with the Golden Dawn.
To understand the deep connection between the Rosicrucian and Golden Dawn, aside from the fact that the second internal order is called explicitly & ndash; as we said & ndash; Red Rose and Cross d & rsquo; Gold, simply realize that the ten degrees under Data & rsquo; order are the same that we find in other organizations Rosicrucians. The Golden Dawn, or the Red Rose, then have a Rosicrucian organization. And anyone who is a Rosicrucian can not not know the Red Rose. This is important to avoid that when you talk about some politician or public figure clearly Rosicrucian, then come the wise men of the moment to clarify and make subtle distinctions among the hundreds of associations Rosicrucians.
A bit & rsquo; how I, as a Buddhist, I can not recognize a Buddhist though it belongs to the current Tibetan or Hinayana, a Rosicrucian can not fail to recognize a member of the Red Rose and the two orders, unfortunately, can not be distinguished except in the sense of saying that & rsquo ; current Red Rose is a departure from the original Rosicrucians.

It must now be wondering how and why a & rsquo; organization might magical and esoteric in just a decade to expand dramatically up to found temples throughout Europe and America.
The explanation given by Greer, that the success of this organization comes from the fact that it admitted both women and men, that the ceremonies were dignified and was offered a course of occult practice and theory, rather than naive is simply ridiculous (p. 420 ).
The point is that in the Golden Dawn and Red Rose converge wisdom and esoteric Kabbalistic temple. That is, in other words who enters the Red Rose truly enters into a path of wisdom and knowledge superior to those of an ordinary human. In addition to that organization enroll obviously confidentially Masons more powerful and more interested to & rsquo; esotericism. In other words, this structure is not an organization created from nothing, by an eccentric half crazy. On the contrary, is founded by Freemasons and Rosicrucians, on explicit mandate of the so called unknown superiors, and combines in it all that part of Freemasonry official interested in & rsquo; esotericism and magic. In other words Westcott, Mathers and Waite, were only the official founding of a & rsquo; organization of Masonic type but wanted by other powerful Freemasons and interested all & rsquo; esotericism but destined to remain unknown.
Said in clearer terms, the Golden Dawn or Red Rose, is merely one of many Masonic organizations, day d & rsquo; today the most powerful and secretive, and most cruel.
So this is why l & rsquo; organization becomes so powerful and extended in a few years. Because it actually gathers his followers in the ranks of Masonry Journal, which constitutes a real branch.
At the top of the Red Rose can access only selected people with a degree of intelligence and culture are superior, probably because, as he said Sesto empirical, & ldquo; good intellect is l & rsquo; & rdquo echo of divinity; and the ultimate goal of GD is to connect to the divine to feel it within himself.
The bases of the Golden Dawn consist of manual laborers who do not know the leaders and often do not even suspect l & rsquo; existence.
Sometimes they are manipulated by the Red Rose also groups like the Beasts of Satan, of course all & rsquo; knowledge of the group members.
The rites of the Red Rose are published in Italy by Edizioni Mediterranean with the title & ldquo; The magic of the Golden Dawn & rdquo; of which there are three different editions. The texts published course glissando on everything related to human sacrifice, murder, and the rituals performed with the victims' body parts and blood.

Since the founding of & rsquo; organization begins a bloodbath in the world; crimes apparently different, but share the Rosicrucian symbolism.
Note coincidences. On March 1, 1888 was founded the first temple of the Golden Dawn in London, the temple called Isis-Urania. After a short time in the same year began the crimes of Jack the Ripper.
Start a massacre that is, throughout Europe and the United States, but few realize the similarities between the various crimes.
Few have noticed for example that even Jack the Ripper asportava the bodies of the victims, as the Monster of Florence. Few noticed that one of the victims of Jack had a red rose in hand and that red roses are laid in recent times on the grave of the victims of both Jack and the Monster of Florence. L & rsquo; latest victim is Jane Kelly; the woman & ndash; who dies at number 13 of Miller's Court- is taken heart and his coffin and still adorned with red roses.


Few have noticed then that the crimes of Jack the Ripper all occur in the neighborhood of WhiteChapel, in London; Whitechapel, and means white chapel. And one of the temples of the Red Rose in Italy, one where Pacciani and fellow snacks brought their trophies, and that the newspapers called it & ldquo; the Villa of the Mysteries & rdquo; is just completely white, as white is the construction that we show in the picture, but it is all & rsquo; foreign.
4. The problem of the Rosicrucians. The relationship with Christianity.
Before continuing it is necessary to clarify one thing the reader.
The Rosicrucians in power today are a subsidiary of the original Rosicrucians, which still draw many of the teachings and knowledge.
This knowledge is truly special, and Rosicrucians most senior people are really unusual and superior knowledge. As might be considered insane, or diverted, the fact is that those who belong to the Red Rose really enjoys special knowledge superior to those held by the (deliberately obtuse) science.
The ancient Rosicrucian probably really had l & rsquo; intention to reform the world. Their purpose can be summed up once again with the words of the novel Zanoni: & ldquo; My & ndash; says that in the novel is the & rsquo; last of the Rosicrucians - is the hope of forming a race of beings noble and wise, full of strength and power sufficient to indicate all & rsquo; humanity their magnificent achievements and become the real drivers of this planet & hellip; a breed that can progress from step to step in his immortal destiny. Towards the heavenly glory and get even, in the end, with ministers who work closest to the Throne of Thrones? What matter a thousand victims as you call for one converted to our cause? & Rdquo;
This end globalist, already is in the works of the Rosicrucian Comenius and was transfused verbatim in Masonic project that led to the creation of & rsquo; UN and of & rsquo; European Union (see on this point our article on the Lisbon Treaty).
The problem is that the Rosicrucians are a current deviation of the ancient Rosicrucian, in the sense that they have used the knowledge to bend at all beneficial purposes.
And just to further their globalist order the Rosicrucians did not hesitate to unleash two world wars, all the recent wars, and future. So the dead are not a thousand, as the character in the novel, but a few million.
No coincidence l & rsquo; Masonic organization WWF said recently that the population of the planet is supernumerary and you should reduce by a third. And the third will be taken by the countries of the third world or the Arab countries, of course.
In addition, people accessing the Rosicrucian knowledge to get to the political and financial power, keeps to himself this knowledge, taking the masses in & rsquo; ignorance; probably many of the powerful, in a delirium of omnipotence, really think that the sacrifice of a few million people in a war, as the sacrifice of a few dozen people in human sacrificial rites, are nothing compared to their project.
To whom it considers absurd the practice of human sacrificial rites by politicians, showbiz, etc & hellip ;, it is easy to say that it's even worse & ndash; from the numerical point of view & ndash; start a war and sacrifice millions of people & ndash; as in the recent war in Iraq, only to realize the power projects of the vertices of politics and finance. L & rsquo; only difference is that we are accustomed to wars. No human rites.
L & rsquo; other difference is that wars are being waged in the sunlight. The human rites are silenced by the media, because if l & rsquo; voter knew that his favorite politician accepts that the crimes of the monster of Florence go unpunished, if he knew that the witnesses of processes seemingly trivial crime serial, such as the Monster of Florence are were killed in the name of the Rosicrucian cause, if he understood that crimes of Cogne, Grass, Garlasco, Serena Mollicone, Meredith are only human sacrifices, and that newspapers and TV we take every day around, consciousness wake. So a part of the & rsquo; official information does not pass the news; d & rsquo; other hand, the & rsquo; average voter does everything to avoid asking the meaning of the & ldquo; Rose in the Fist & rdquo ;. Better not to see and not to know.
In other words. Be insane or criminal, from the point of view of common logic, but senz & rsquo; other have superior knowledge, which hide the rest of & rsquo; humanity. D & rsquo; moreover, we would have to wonder if they are more fools them, if it is we who say these things, or those who insist on not to notice the & ldquo; coincidences & rdquo; between the Red Rose, politics, and the crimes that continually bloodying our country.

Most books on Rosicrucians are questioning aspects of completely unnecessary and marginal. The real problem of the Rosicrucians, never from anyone under investigation, is at what point the organization is transformed from a Christian movement, meaning that term as & ldquo; bearers of the message of Christ & rdquo ;, albeit processed and commisto aspects cabalistic and oriental, to a movement almost satanic, criminal, perpetrating terrible crimes to preserve and enhance its power.
It & rsquo; impossible to answer, but it is likely that the satanic infiltration, and esoteric anti-Christian, you are carried out over the centuries, little by little, and all & rsquo; unbeknownst even to many followers of the movement.
What is certain is that currently, most of the Rosicrucians in power does not follow at all the message of Christ nor pursues the aim of raising the & rsquo; humanity.
The Rosicrucian movement is a movement essentially anti-Christian and anti-Catholic, but has on his side a formidable weapon: using the same language of the Christians, but with a completely opposite.
The method is absolutely brilliant.
In practice, the Rosicrucians today speak a language and symbology Satanist, but apparently using Christian terms. Every Christian term used by the Red Rose in fact, actually has a meaning exactly opposite.
L & rsquo; started the Red Rose, in fact, when the appointment of Christ and says & ldquo; perceive l & rsquo; essence of the Christ and the divine within themselves & rdquo; is saying that he replaces Christ and makes himself Christ; in other words the place of God.
Speaking of God, clearly refer to their God, not to the Christian.
In the language of the Red Rose, Santa Rita is the Red Rose. Hence & ldquo; consecrate someone in Santa Rita & rdquo; actually means to consecrate the Red Rose. The Feast of Santa Rita becomes the party of the Red Rose. A bit & rsquo; as the feast of St. John's Masonic party, but the majority of Catholics think of celebrating a Catholic holiday.
Many began to Red Rose go to Mass regularly and take communion, because from their point of view to take l & rsquo; consecrated host is one of the best scars that can be made against the Christians.
It & rsquo; so that, unless you have a thorough knowledge of the Rosicrucians is often impossible to recognize a Rosicrucian by a Christian, and that is how it was possible to have the Popes Rosicrucians, as Paul VI and John XXIII.
The same symbol of the Rosicrucians, the Rose and the Cross, suggests Christian symbols. But from the point of view of the Red Rose, the Cross is instead a phallic symbol, while Rose is the & rsquo; female sexual organ during menstruation.
It & rsquo; a brilliant system there & rsquo; that is to say. The stroke of genius is above all to have created a system difficult to unmask, whose most fervent defenders are Christians themselves; because if you try to tell a Christian that Paul VI was a Rosicrucian, 90 percent of Christians do not even know who these Rosicrucians. And when I explained her reaction will be immediately refused, so the best defenders of this system are the victims themselves.
In fact long ago & ndash; shocked by these discoveries - I spoke with a very learned priest, who is my spiritual adviser in this Masonic journey into madness, I said something illuminating: & ldquo; son, but because you wonder? If the devil has to hit someone or something, where you should start the second, if not from the Vatican? It & rsquo; the best place can hide the Devil, and because it is so well hidden it is hard to find. And remember that & rsquo; cunning of the devil is better to say that there & rdquo ;.
This is the & rsquo; cunning largest of the Rosicrucians and the Red Rose in particular. That it does not exist, officially. Have you ever heard in a Tg or a national newspaper? No, because this news may be a maximum of a few local newspaper out of control, or the Internet, or on some little-known book.
And even if they speak openly, speak the language of Christian, then no one will find out.
5. The killings of the Red Rose.
Once you understand that the main symbol of the Rosicrucians is the Cross and the Rose, that other symbols are the pelican, the lily, and that in the language of the Red Rose, Santa Rita is synonymous with Red Rose, and that their numbers d & rsquo; election are 7, l & rsquo; 8, the & rsquo; 11, and 13, it is not difficult to recognize this association a bit & rsquo; everywhere.
All murders committed by the Red Rose are absolutely recognizable by a series of numerical symbols and esoteric. We discussed in previous articles. Here we highlight only a few points that we had explained in previous articles.
As we have said their crimes always occur in days that, numerically, sum to 7, 8, 11, 13, or multiples of 11.
Also the scene of the crime, the victims' names, and the names of the perpetrators, they almost always religious or Kabbalistic meanings.
For example in the crime of Grass, in addition to the date, we note that Rosa Bazzi, whose married name is Rosa Romano (RR) kills Valeria Cherubini. The Red Rose has symbolically killed a Cherub.
In Cogne crime is killed Samuel Biblical name, which recalls a judge; and the frame of the crime is the Grand & ldquo; Heaven & rdquo ;. And not surprisingly Annamaria Franzoni will be translated in prison on the day of Santa Rita, May 22; that is, the day of the Red Rose, just to put an additional signature to each other.
Nell & rsquo; murder of Mary Geusa in Citta di Castello, immediately obvious the victim's name, Mary, daughter of Jesus.
In the crimes of the Monster of Florence shots were fired from a Beretta Caliber 22 series H. If 22 is the number of perfection for the Kabbalists, H calls the 5 letter of & rsquo; Hebrew alphabet, whose symbol is, in fact, a Rose and a Croce. But it also refers to the number 8, that of justice, symbolized kabalistically from Libra.
Eludes investigators kabbalistic connection between all these crimes and commonalities between them. The bullet that killed the monster of Florence was copper, and nobody pays any attention to the fact that even the & rsquo; object that killed Samuel Cogne was the same material. L & rsquo; murder weapon is not found nor Grass, nor in Cogne, nor the crimes of the monster, for reasons we have already explained elsewhere.
L & rsquo; murder weapon will not be found even in the crime Meredith, whose funeral will be celebrated not by chance in the Church of St. John, the patron saint of Freemasonry and his coffin will be placed a red rose from her father.
6. The system of the Red Rose.
They can access the Red Rose only the highest degrees of Freemasonry, especially powerful people and also very intelligent.
L & rsquo; organization communicates with each other by means of newspapers, TV, songs, etc & hellip; Among their members can not explain their belonging to the Red Rose, also because, with the means of interception existing today, this would mean the end of & rsquo; organization in a few months, maybe at the hands of rival organizations.
When the message is directed to a restricted circle is used in books printed in limited editions (eg strenne Christmas that banks and companies are wont to do their best customers); when the message is directed to a wider circle is using newspapers and Tg.
For example it is no coincidence that the reporter of TG 5 in charge of the crime is called Remo Meredith Crosses.
Or that after the massacre by 7 dead on & rsquo; highway, which occurred this summer l & rsquo; 8.8.2008, the Tg have also interviewed a truck driver named Charles Mason.
But I think one of the most extreme cases, where even the novelist most imaginative could arrive with all the good will, are the messages conveyed by texts of law, or official acts, such as the & rsquo; graduation exam quest & rsquo; year. C & rsquo; were several errors in the test of maturity that the ministerial committee had prepared quest & rsquo; year; one of them was related to a poem by Montale erroneously attributed by officials of the Ministry as referring to a woman. Actually, the poem was written for a man, a dancer in art was called K. And in the second line of the poem appealed the repetition of the letter R. RR, as the Red Rose, and K as the operating segment of Gladio. While the English version of one of the errors concerned the word Lodge. Combining these data according to a decryption system leads to default message encoding.

Can not then bring evidence of procedural & rsquo; existence of this organization because it is impossible to prove that & rsquo; error the final exams was wanted, as it is impossible to prove that the film Monster veicolasse actually a different message.
As Eco says in his book The Name of the Rose: & ldquo; so far we have demonstrated that the books speak to each other. And a good police investigation should show that the culprits are we & rdquo ;.
The text seems really a challenge & hellip; l & rsquo; author implies that no one will ever prove that a book can contain l & rsquo; order to commit a crime, to sidetrack an investigation, to move capital, etc & hellip;
Actually l & rsquo; author errs; it would be possible to prove, if only in the years was studying the Masonic culture. Just as you can prove that a serial killer is inspired by the Bible to commit crimes, only if you have knowledge of the Bible, so it is possible to demonstrate the array of cabalistic and Rosicrucian many crimes, if only you knew the Kabbalah, The Golden Dawn, and Freemasonry.
This will be possible, probably in the next few centuries, when some knowledge will not only accessible to all as well known by all.
For now, bring in a court newspaper articles, reference esoteric books on Rosicrucians, etc & hellip ;, equivalent to lend him the madman, as happened all & rsquo; lawyer Fioravanti & Outdoors; era of the first trial Pacciani and as happens to me and to others who we deal with these things ..
And for this reason the investigators, when they are not corrupt, groping in the dark & ​​ndash; as was the case for years for the crimes of the monster of Florence, until & rsquo; arrival of Commissioner Giuttari - or are in & rsquo; inability to bring the evidence of certain crimes, as with the PM Mignini in Perugia; or; in most cases, the liquid is all as the result of fantasies and ideas, but they continue to remain unanswered the many anomalies and contradictions in stories like that of Cogne, the Monster of Florence, etc & hellip ;.
7. The Red Rose in the movies in the literature and the arts.
Mozart in his opera The Magic Flute uses many Rosicrucian and Masonic symbols. In general all the & rsquo; work, they say, is in fact the metaphor of a journey of initiation. It is said that having revealed Masonic secrets, which is why he was assassinated, so that the musician, knowing the rules of the association, having understood that he had not long to live, he wrote the requiem for himself, that it was unfinished he died poisoned until finished.
A similar end touched in modern times with Rino Gaetano. Becoming famous & ndash; as happens to everyone who comes to have a certain reputation - was approached by the system, but he rebelled against that system. Not being able to speak openly, otherwise they would kill him, as happens to anyone who understands the operation, he put several coded messages in his songs as well as several explicit messages very strong for the & rsquo; era (also remember that those were times when there was no Internet and who possessed no particular news media had to disclose it, unless the means of ordinary printing, all under the regime Masonic). In his songs, albeit in code, c & rsquo; it's all the current policy and the Red Rose: the total corruption of politics, disasters and globalization of finance, the satanic rituals of the powerful, the manipulation of & rsquo; information.
He was killed because he had gone too far.

In recent times include the winning song of San Remo & ldquo; I'll give you a Rose & rdquo ;; the singer is Simon Garfunkel, and already l & rsquo; combination of the title to the name of the singer (which recalls Christ) makes us think of the Rosicrucians; looking at the text, then, are cited the satanic rituals, but especially the song refers to a novel, The Master and Margarita; and Margaret is the name of Santa Rita, that is just the saint who, in the language of encrypted Rose Red, indicates the Red Rose.

All the literature of Jules Verne is full of Rosicrucian and Masonic symbolism. Journey to the Center of the Earth is actually an initiatory path, while the Rosicrucian symbolism is already evident in some titles of his works as & ldquo; Robur the Conqueror & rdquo; where it appears l & rsquo; acronym RC.
Antoine De Saint Exupery in his famous & ldquo; The Little Prince & rdquo; speaks of a red rose that is eaten by a sheep. Perhaps it is an allegory that recalls the struggle between the Red Rose and the Catholic church. In fact die in mysterious circumstances. On 31 July 1944 he left for a reconnaissance mission in the Tyrrhenian Sea and disappeared into thin air. Very poetic define his death. But it was not poetic, simply, was applied the rule of retaliation because the protagonist of the little prince is, as is well known, an aviator, so he was bound to die on the plane, on a date that has a symbolic value: 31/07/1944 (3 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 4 + 4 = 29 = 11, the number of justice).
For years, his death was shrouded in mystery until a surprise, right in 2008 (that is, l & rsquo; year that on some sites has spread the possible link of his death with the Red Rose), has popped a former aviator Luftwaffe he remembered to have it torn down. After 44 years, the distracted aviator remembered that he shot down a character like Saint Exupery.
C & rsquo; it is to think that in the coming months will resurrect & ndash; as in Dynasty & ndash; l & rsquo; driver of the Mercedes of Lady Diana will say & ldquo; it is true, I was drunk and I was too strong & rdquo ;; and someone who will come, repentant, will say: I am the monster of Florence, being a Rosicrucian I signed the crimes with Rosa, then having the gift of & rsquo; invisibility I killed all the witnesses, including Pacciani; I have produced documents that have messed Mario Spezi and his time Alberto Bevilacqua, and done away with much evidence by the prosecutor; I who intercettavo Giuttari and always me, swimmer, I Narducci killed in Lake Trasimeno. I apologize to the nation but it was a time that I was a bit & rsquo; nervous and I was bored.

The palm d & rsquo; gold goes to the Rosicrucian current two contemporary authors; besides Umberto Eco, who titled his book & ldquo; The Name of the Rose & rdquo; and elsewhere speaks often of the Rosicrucians, goes senz & rsquo; another Stephen King, who wrote the TV series The Rose Red, and that in his book & ldquo; the Wolves of the Calla & rdquo; tells of a rose is protected by a tower, and the need to defend it, because if the tower falls will fall even the Red Rose, but if it falls the red rose also falls around the surrounding world. Clear reference to the need to defend the & ldquo; system & rdquo; financial and political justice set up by the Red Rose.

There are also minor novels imbued with messages more or less obvious. For example, the book Pleasure fatal MI Rose, in a series of books that have as their symbol a red rose, tells of a murderess who cause crimes sending subliminal messages from a video of the PC, which is reminiscent of some recent events, murders blood where the killers always say investigators & ldquo; I was seized by an irresistible impulse & rdquo ;. It would be interesting to investigate the points of contact between these books and some events as Cogne, grass, and even the story of Donato Libra. Curious is not it? A serial killer who has a name - in & rsquo; esoteric Golden Dawn - corresponds to the & rsquo; eleven in the justice; Remember, it is the Golden Dawn in his cabalistic numerology tarot reversed the card and assigned the & rsquo; 11 to justice (traditionally instead it was l & rsquo; eight); the serial killer said: & ldquo; I was seized by an irresistible impulse & hellip; & rdquo ;; perhaps the same impulse happened to Franzoni, the spouses of Grass and l & rsquo; murderess of that girl in Spain, El Gordo, who repeated the same words. Crimes seemingly nothing in common, but they share identical words, by Rose at the crime scene or in the names of the killings or the victims.

We have smaller TV series as & ldquo; The Octopus & rdquo; where the bad guy deposits his money in a Swiss bank account called Rose-Red and series such as & ldquo; The Blood and the Rose & rdquo ;.
But we have works great as the movie Citizen Kane, written by Orson Welles. This film is considered by critics the masterpiece of cinema of all time, ahead of all the classifications of the most credible criticism. It was never really revealed the secret of the name by which closes the film; name that is also the secret of the power and success of the protagonist: the secret word is & ldquo; ROSE BUD & rdquo; ie bud Rose. Having gone too far, the director shall enter into disgrace after the movie. Probably he wanted to leave a message, a sign, something that posterity would have collected and that's why his career ended there.
Then we have the film's monster Benigni. First, the film makes clear allusion to the monster of Florence, and ridicules the investigators and the story of that period. The movie comes out on October 22, 1994; ie the date of & rsquo; s anniversary & rsquo; murder of two victims of the Monster of Florence, Susanna Cambi and Stefano Baldi, who were killed in Calenzano 13 years before (thirteen, the number of death and change). Were killed on the 22nd October. D & rsquo; moreover, the host of Benigni & ndash; in the film - is called Rocca Rotta. Chiara l & rsquo; assonance with the Red Rose. Benigni is an expert on Dante and it is strange that missed the Rosicrucian symbolism in the crimes of the monster. A remarkable coincidence, then. Among the & rsquo; other Benigni often repeats the phrase & ldquo; Love God and do what you want & rdquo; that is, yes, a sentence of Sant & rsquo; agostino, but it is also the motto of the Rosicrucian and a member of the Red Rose Alistair Crowley whose biography more recent (written by Lawrence Sutin and published by Castelvecchi) is called, not surprisingly & ldquo; Make what you want & rdquo ;. It should then ask Benigni in which God relates and, given that these days has published a book on Dante with a preface by Umberto Eco, which may be explained by that & rsquo; last who are those Rosicrucians of which he never makes mention but which should know well, given his passion for the great poet.
Finally, as no mention of Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut? The actor (which remember, is the author of A Clockwork Orange, which already appears in the poster of a pyramid with the eye) in the film is about satanic rituals with murders committed by powerful. And 'died suddenly of a heart attack on 07.03.1999 before the release of his film. 7 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 38 = 11. He also executed for daring to say too much.
In politics it is sufficient to see how many parties have a rose in the symbol to realize just how big the & rsquo; Rosicrucian influence; in some cases then also appears l & rsquo; acronym RC, as in Communist PRC. And in the recent elections, the Left wanted rainbow called & ldquo; What Red & rdquo ;, name then aborted it because then it becomes too blatant and too many people would start eating the leaf. And for those who still had some doubts about the relationship between politics and the Red Rose, simply read a book by Cesare Salvi, Senator DS, titled & ldquo; The Rose Red, the future of the left & rdquo ;; with regard to this book did a review on Rossana Rossanda manifesto, entitled & ldquo; The Cross and the Rose & rdquo ;. A nice coincidence!
With all due respect to all those far-left who still wonder why the left in recent decades has favored so blatantly right, with his insane policy; and who still have not understood that the left is the puppet of the right current, while the right is the current puppet very different powers.
And to those who wonder why Pannella years ago wanted to nominate Licio Gelli in his party, will be sufficient to remind the party symbol of Pannella: The rose in the fist.
Who knows why Pannella, who made so much noise against the judiciary since the '80s, in this anticipating even Berlusconi, has never occupied the killings go unpunished, from that of the Monster of Florence & hellip; Maybe that Rose has in his hand prevented him from seeing the scene of the crimes of the monster.
8. Conclusions. The mystery of the Rosicrucians
Finally & hellip; There remain many mysteries about the Rosicrucians.
In my opinion the greatest mystery is not whether they actually exist, their date of birth, and other nonsense good only for intellectuals who pretend to want to understand the reality, but who just want to bring readers and ordinary people off the track.
The biggest mystery is to understand at what point a & rsquo; organization going back to the message of Christ and philosophies wonderful (philosophies that can be read both books of philosophy Rosicrucian, both in novels such as & ldquo; Zanoni & rdquo ;; but also attract just reading presentations made at the sites of & rsquo; Amorc), was transformed into a & rsquo; criminal organization that & ndash; in addition to political and financial power & ndash; allows its members to commit the most unthinkable crimes, from the Monster of Florence to that of Cogne or Haider.
L & rsquo; other mystery is which of the various organizations that exist today Rosicrucian really refer back to the message of Christ and not just front organizations to cover dell & rsquo; another. Why senz & rsquo; many of the other current Rosicrucians, in modern times, people are not only good, but also special, with special powers and special knowledge. Unfortunately, many do not.
And the biggest mystery is to understand how it is possible that many of the people in power today may speak of peace, brotherhood, can produce literary masterpieces and movie often soaked messages beautiful, and then join a & rsquo; organization like the Red Rose, or, at least, accept passively to convey in their works of messages Rosicrucian and remain silent in the face of such disgusting. It & rsquo; true that those who tried to speak, as Rino Gaetano, Joseph Cosco, or Pasolini, are dead, you reject the system is virtually impossible. But you can live with such a serene on his conscience? It & rsquo; can be silent and be complicit, just because & ldquo; so it's useless! I speak to do? & Rdquo ;.
This is the real mystery of the Rosicrucians.
Understand how they can live the ideals of equality that had some historical fathers of the left, with the initials RC Communist Refoundation.
Understand how we can talk about civil liberties, women's rights, and then founded "The Rose in the Fist" and nominate Gelli, forgetting the rights of the victims of the monster of Florence, the right to life of all the victims of the Red Rose.
Understanding how young people who have turned senz & rsquo; another had once believed in certain ideals, which went to the parades for a better world, into monsters who tease their constituencies and are conniving with unspeakable crimes.
Understand how it is possible to have the popes Rosicrucians.
Understand how it is possible to produce masterpieces of sensitivity as & ldquo; Life is good & rdquo; Benigni, alongside films like & ldquo; The Monster & rdquo; whose title could not be more appropriate, both for its own purposes and for the messages it conveys.
Understanding how you can produce masterpieces like IT (who speak of the struggle of good against evil by giving precedence to the & rsquo; s love and & rsquo; friendship) next to The Red Rose and Wolves of the Calla.
Understand how it is possible that the two most beautiful tarot decks ever created, thousands of decks, are considered to & rsquo; unanimity precisely these two: 1) the deck created by the founder of the rite independent and rectified, Arthur Waite; 2) and bunch Recently the Golden Dawn by Giordano Berti created for the company & ldquo; & rdquo ;. Scarabeo The latter, created in 2008 may exceed in beauty as well those of Waite (Berti & ndash; according to many - has thus failed to achieve a result that in a century no other creator of Tarot decks had never reached, because no one so far had equaled in beauty those of Waite).

Perhaps the answer is again the one contained in the novel Rosicrucian & ldquo; Zanoni & rdquo; Edward Lytton: & ldquo; Our opinions are the angelic part of us. Our earthly acts the part & rdquo ;.
The spirituality of masterpieces like & ldquo; Life is good & rdquo; are the angelic part of & rsquo; humanity. The crimes of the monster of Florence, and all that you do to cover them and even protect them, the earthly part.
And they are right on one point the Rosicrucians. Understand the mystery of the Rosicrucians, is to understand the mystery of life, but also the politics of finance and justice. But once you understand this mystery, you can not go back, and later, the life is no longer the same. So, as the protagonist of the novel, Zanoni, is not always an advisable option to get to unravel the mystery of the Rosicrucians, and share knowledge, that you are on one side (ie the side of the initiated), or that you are from & rsquo; the other (of those who seek to understand them from & rsquo; external).
Both are trapped because they understand that their fate depends on them.

Dedicated to Rino Gaetano, Joseph Cosco, and Pier Paolo Pasolini.
Rino said in an interview & ldquo; Today my songs are not understood but between vent & rsquo; & rdquo ;. years will understand
I also understood what alluded in & rsquo; interview with Gianni Morandi talking about the & ldquo; scent of Ministers & rdquo ;.
Today I realized. And this dedication you had the.

And to you Joseph, that you spoke explicitly of the Red Rose and too early, when they still knew in a few. You're dead and no one has even asked why. Even in your case, it was difficult to understand, then. But reading your articles I realized the reason for your & ldquo; & rdquo ;, sudden illness that day that you went to court for an expert opinion.
Now I understand why after reading your site, which is still visible as if you were alive, not answer the phone and email and to my questions. But maybe you answered me, although in another way.
A Pier Paolo Pasolini. Forgive me, all & rsquo; era too, like all the other blind to all & rsquo; absurdity of a power too sophisticated to be understood, I thought that you l & rsquo; you were looking for. I was little all & rsquo; era and I never imagined. Stefania you dedicated an article some time ago, and I hope you enjoyed it.
Thanks to all three of you have sown. We hope to have collected a portion of what you have sown for others to reap what we sow, so finally may one day grow a forest.


The Rosicrucian manifestos are published in full by the Editions Mediterranean by Jean Pierre Bayard, & ldquo; The Rosicrucians, history doctrines symbols & rdquo ;.

The poster of the Red Rose, is published in the book by F. Ripel The Red Magic, Hermes editions on p. 77. Carry the piece that struck me the most: & ldquo; He knows. He commands; and the grand master is Horus the Beast. Do you believe in him and life will see. Kill your like, guts your mother, your father slaughters if he does not believe in him & rdquo ;.

Zanoni, is published in Italy by Tea (a publishing house that, coincidentally has the symbol of a rose).

On the relationship between Rosicrucianism and Jules Verne you can see & ldquo; Jules Verne and l & rsquo; esotericism; Rosicrucian, Renne Le Chateau & rdquo;

On Rosa Crocianesimo in Dante: L & rsquo; esoteric Rosicrucian in the Divine Comedy, publisher Bastogi.

An initial approach to secret societies, well documented and well written is the Dictionary of the secrets and mysteries, Mondadori, edited by Michael Greer. Book anticomplottista course, because written by a high-grade Mason.
A documented book but is also strictly anticomplottista The Magician's hat, Massimo Introvigne, ed. Sugarco. For l & rsquo; author & ndash; that the library has esoteric and satanic world's largest (50,000 volumes) Satanism is a phenomenon almost nonexistent and of course almost any crime in Italy and worldwide is a crime esoteric. L & rsquo; author goes so far as to affirm at his site, that the pyramid is not a Masonic symbol.
Probably if he wrote books on the Mafia tantamount to claiming that the Mafia does not exist and it is only the result of a series of amazing coincidences.

The first person to speak explicitly of the Red Rose and its esoteric rituals with human sacrifices was Gabriella Carlizzi in his book & ldquo; The private affairs of the Monster of Florence & rdquo ;, in particular p. 127 onwards.
A book a bit & rsquo; complicated to understand, but the first and only one who spoke of the crimes of the Red Rose.
Also recommend reading the same author of the book & ldquo; Letter to Alberto Bevilacqua on the Monster of Florence & rdquo ;.

You may want to start reading these topics from basic & ldquo; Freemasonry and secret societies. The hidden face of history & rdquo ;, of Epiphanius, and. Countercurrent.
The rites of the Golden Dawn are published in Italy by Edizioni Mediterranean in two different editions; the first, by Sebastiano Fusco, "The magic of the Golden Dawn" and the second by Israel Regardie.

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