Those doors that the Synod leaves open

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Il nodo dei divorziati risposati(© LaPresse) The crux of the divorced and remarried.
Andrea Tornielli -
Vatican City -

The majority of fathers participating in the Synod on the family share the setting of the exhortation "Evangelii gaudium" Pope Francis. And they also share the approach of compassion and support for those families in need and 'incorrect', inviting them to continue to study the possibility of readmission, in particular instances, cert

65 euro for a second wife, the tax on polygamy

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poligamia-Editorial- In Indonesia there is no law that forbids a man to have multiple wives. But it is clear, the practice is not well seen by the rest of the world, for some time, through the United Nations, calls for a ban as soon as possible.

For the moment, the results of the country if they are not achieved. If you do not someone controversial since last Wednesday, in fact, an Indonesian law states that to get married a second time

Isis. Kurdish leaders: "Tens of Italians between the jihadists"

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Isis. I leader curdi: “Decine di italiani tra i jihadisti”-Redazione- There would be dozens of Italian between the fighters of 'Isis.

To make known is Fares Tammo, The general coordinator of the Kurdish Revolutionary Council, according to which "the presence of Italians between the militias of the Islamic State is certain. "This is, for the most part, citizens of North African origin, who have decided to travel to the Middle East to fight alongside the Jihadists. They are, however, a threat to

Synod of Bishops 2014, the ninth day. America and Africa are against the opening of homosexuals

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Cardinale ErdoMaximum Fagg -

Schonborn and the "development of doctrine". The ninth day of the Synod saw the press conference one of the most prominent theologians, cardinals of the Synod and the church in the last thirty years, the archbishop of Vienna.

The Dominican Christoph Schönborn spoke of "development of doctrine" (about the "Theology of the Body" by Pope John Paul II) to say that there have been changes made recently also by the teaching of the popes, and he further explained his vision of a new language


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Livio Ghersi -

The] The mediocre philosophers who would make a rigorous science of philosophy, based purely on mathematical logic, do not know what to make of philosophical idealism. From their point of view, idealism should be considered and evaluated in the limits of epistemological issues; that is, an attempt would be essentially erroneous even though historically the applicant to address the problem of knowledge.

Timothy M. Renick, Thomas Aquinas ... for those who do not have time

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CopertinaClaudiana Publishing, - pp. 160 - € 14,90

Clever and brilliant, this book provides a good understanding of the theology of Thomas Aquinas, particularly in relation to today's world. Renick shows how his theology to support modern thought in many unexpected aspects and where conflicts with thought and modern theology.

Considered one of the most influential thinkers in the history not only of Christianity but of Western thought tout court, Aquinas still influence many aspects of modern thought.

Crimes and acquittals. Reflections on the deal Ruby

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of Joseph Panissidi

It seems just spent a few years from 1764, two centuries and a half ago exactly, the publication of a capital of modern thought "On Crimes and Punishments"Cesare Beccaria. It stood, mature outcome of a long journey, a new legal culture, to fit more in line with the human, source and sign of the most significant advances and re-founding of the cultural tradition of the West and civil.

Humanity learned almost unsuspected truth, or that the "end" of the criminal sanction is not to grieve or "reward"

Synod of the family: "If gays are loyal, what can the Church?"

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Sinodo della famiglia: “Se i gay si sono fedeli, cosa può dire la Chiesa?”10/17/2014 - Of

Day of rest during the Synod, tomorrow the final document. In the press conference, Cardinal Marx, one of the most progressive: "Not everyone in the gay unions is to be condemned."

Synod of the family,Pope Francis awaits the outcome document of the work of the bishops, or the Relatio Synodi c

Synod card. Marx's unthinkable that gays can not live the Gospel. German bishops in favor of communion for divorced

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Coppia omosessualeCITY 'OF THE VATICAN - & Nbsp; Draws to a close the Extraordinary Synod on the family convened by Pope Francis. Today, the Synod Fathers are working on the preparation of the final documents, which will be presented and voted on in the House tomorrow. Yesterday documents produced by the "Working Groups", Calling for caution on gay and divorced, had to think of a retreat from the openings provided in "Relatio post disceptationem",

Farewell to the quick divorce Jump to yet another promise

Radar Secularism - Lay initiative

DivorzioArticle by Emily Liuzzi (Done 17:10:14)

"" It had to be, in intention, one of the reforms that have made Italy a European country. It ended up being a law that meets only to a category of people: lawyers. Who are not chaste, but in any case the crowd the halls of Parliament. For those who want to separate does not change anything, or change little: tomorrow, rather than appear before a judge, f

Friuli pay the psychologist gay. Clash of the Region and the Northern League

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Il Friuli paga lo psicologo ai gay. Scontro tra Regione e leghistiIn absolute terms, the amount is small, but also the 5,600 Euros of funding that the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia donated to the door to listen psychological gay, lesbian and transgender people have discussed.

The Northern League, in particular, has been hurled against the government grants to the Pegasus Project, an initiative of the LGBT community that provides for the opening of a door psychological welcome free of homosexual persons, b

Vizzarri suspended, too many cases to a lawyer

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CatturaEcclesiastical Court, the penalty signed by the President of the Apostolic Signatura for the fourth time, his re-election split the Episcopal Conference.

& Nbsp; Chieti. The penalty that suspends monsignor Angel Vizzarri for three months from the post of president of the Ecclesiastical Court of Chieti's there on the notice board of the Vatican institution being Nicoletto Vernia. Signed by the Secretary of the Special Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura Franz

Cost records for the Archdiocese of Monaco. For much less, Limburg lost its bishop

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Ordinariato-371x278& Nbsp; There is to be expected in the short action even against the Cardinal of Monaco and Freising, Reinhard Marx? Judging by the figures provided by his press office and distributed by the agency Kath.netThere would have to assume so, given the soaring costs suffered by the restructuring of the Archdiocese headquarters in the center. The bill has now come to about EUR 51 million, an increase of more than 7 and a half million. You wanted to g

40 The law and the fate of excess embryos

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congelamentoThere's just no peace for the notorious Law 40/04, which in a hypothetical ranking of the least secular of all time would certainly be among the top, if not at the top. Luckily, we would say, because if you do not have peace then it means that those who, although they can not procreate, hopefully the real possibility of having an offspring, that peace can legitimately aspire instead. And maybe you can also hope that science face the poss

Sex, "young Italian ignorant. Myths about female orgasm and contraception "

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SessoThe Italian women are less aware of their sexuality and its body. This does not differ from the British, according to a search of The Eve AppealDo not know exactly where he is her vagina. "Contrary to the image of young girls is widespread enterprising and aggressive, the majority of teenagers today have little self-consciousness on the physical level - says Mario Puiatti,

Slaps on the buttocks of the teammate, the referee "homophobic" expelled the goalkeeper

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portiere-pacca-sedere-300x230-Drafting- They've renamed "The referee homophobe". It is a race director of Honduras, ended up in the storm for its decision to expel the goalkeeper in Serie A Junior Morales guilty of having given a few slaps on the ass an attacker opponent.

To record the incident, a video in which we see that the gesture is far from violent goalkeeper comes out and controls the ball with his feet; the attacker

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